Based in the United States, WEFAS Community Theatre is a beacon of artistic excellence with a profound commitment to fulfilling our vision and mission while upholding our social responsibilities. Our community comprises individuals who possess diverse knowledge and expertise, embarking on a captivating theatrical journey through unique artistic forms from around the world. Together, we actively seek out distinctive narratives, forging a collective artistic voice that resonates with audiences on a profound level.


At WEFAS, our vision is driven by the dynamic spirit of promoting happiness and betterment for people around the world. We envision a society that deeply values and celebrates the responsibility we each hold, appreciating the richness of our diverse global community.


Our mission is to cultivate WEFAS as an international theater community that thrives on inclusivity and openness. We are committed to creating a platform that fosters dialogue on global issues, facilitating the exchange of ideas and strengthening artistic visions from around the world.


Our organization has identified several key objectives that will serve as focal points within our strategic plan. These objectives reflect our commitment to fostering artistic excellence, promoting global collaboration, and addressing critical societal issues.

  • Discover and share new waves of artistic theater networks worldwide.
  • Promote unique artistic works that challenge conventions and inspire the imagination.
  • Foster theater community togetherness through performances and related activities.
  • Create artistic symposia to address global issues through performances from around the world.
  • Address global issues (gender and diversity, global warming, human rights) through creative art forms and performances.